Anna Ugolini (soprano), Florence. literary and poetic vocation soon encouraged by awards and literary prizes, was created as an opera singer in the gospel choir of Maestro Gianna Grazzini with whom he performed as a soprano soloist. I will continue her studies in vocal technique and later with the soprano Stefania Renieri with Maestro Pietro Masi and Maestro Jorge Ansorena.
Meanwhile debut starring in "The placid water" at La Gran Guardia theater of Livorno called by critics a "extraordinary voice of Anita" is awarded at the Teatro Verdi in Montecatini Terme. In terms specializes operetta, directed by Beppe Ghiglioni first and Raul Bulgherini then, even in the role of Anita will 'Acqua Cheta, Bon Bon' 'The Country of Campanelli, Josepha it' The White Horse, it Agatina 'The Zappaterra Giocondo, In My House, my house a few years later and the role of Grace' 'The Cat in the Cellar. Also worked for a number of shows directed by Godfrey Gori, alongside the baritone Giorgio Gatti and Alexander Petruccelli, in his opera performances-operettistici and pianist and composer Andrew Nesti with whom will compete in the field of Contemporary Music with a project fusion of contemporary improvisation, singing and poetry.
From now on, alternating the classical concert also collaborating with various opera choruses Tuscan, to that of versatile singer-actress and author of his plays.

Alessandro Pegoraro (tenor) Venetian Florentine father, after obtaining a Diploma in Electronic began studying piano technique at the School of Music Michelangelo Paoli with Maestro Ennio Clari. He later continued his studies in piano technique and composition at the CAM with Maestro Andrea Nesti.
In parallel, the study of vocal technique and singing with the masters Nicoletta Curiel, Peter Masi, Paris and Jorge Ansorena Venturi. He has taken the first steps in view of the "bel canto" opera, performing in concerts and was later hired by the Society of Operettas Fiorentina directed by Beppe Ghiglioni to interpret the roles of Cecco 'Acqua Cheta, Hans'' The Country of Campanelli The Advocate Bellati it 'The White Horse and Beppino in my house, my house a few years later and the role of John Martini' 'The Cat in the Cellar.
He worked as art director for music events like the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence.
Opera and operetta concert activity simultaneously (note also "The 'Tribute to Joseph Pietri" with the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina conducted by M ° G. Lanzetta), began his artistic collaboration with soprano Anna Ugolini, also taking care of the and promotion of musical performances.
In addition to theater, for seven years was an active member of SOUL psycho-motor recovery of persons with disabilities, receiving his diploma for "The Sporting Approach for People with Disabilities" and subsequently the "Diploma of Shiastu Operator".

For several years the two singers have created an artistic partnership with concerts in Italy and abroad, traditional opera and operettas (The water Cheta, The Country of Campanelli, The White Horse, The Merry Widow, The Zappaterra Giocondo, Casa Mia Casa Mia, The Cat in the Cellar, The Operetta What Not There, The Story Of An adorable Lightness of Brunetto Salvini, The Song of Songs e150'anni and does not show it working with director and actor Alessandro Calonaci) obtaining from audiences and critics "not only for singing talent but also for the great stage presence" and their natural harmony in prestigious venues such as La Gran Guardia di Livorno, La Pergola, Rifredi, The Praises of Florence and Puccini, Metastasio Prato, Florence, Tuscany Theatre Dante, Verdi Theatre and Sports Hall of Montecatini T. (Where we hosted the actor Sergio Forconi), Teatro Stabile di Grosseto, The Arena Casciana Spa, Theatre Union of Viterbo, Garibaldi Figline, Teatro di Camaiore Olive, The City Theatre House, Theatre Leggieri of San Gimignano, Alton Puccini Theatre, Odeon Theatre and Shalom Empoli, Manzoni in Caledon, Teatro Del Popolo Castelfiorentino, Metropolitan of Piombino, the Vigilante Theatre of Portofferaio, and many others including La Marina di Pietrasanta Versiliana collect a lively personal acclaim from viewers and newspaper reviews.

Popular success and interest of employees to work for the Concert-Performance bearing the signature of Anna Ugolini, interpreted by the two artists in their dual role of "actor-singers": an "original and unique in its kind" in order to make it accessible to a wider target audience and the heterogeneous great operatic tradition of Verdi, Puccini and Mascagni connecting it to the so-called light opera within a play well-defined structure.

We remember two in particular:
"My love Tuscany and" "Thou who hast Taken to the Heart".
The first opera, operetta and songs of Florence, devoted entirely to music and culture in Tuscany, the second of more international have been represented in numerous public squares, theaters and Italian and foreign associations, from the small and large indoor stadium at the historic medieval village of Montecatini Spas in front of 2,000 spectators, and at the Italian Institutes of Culture abroad, but do not forget those who can no longer go to the theater, with the initiative which has become an eagerly awaited and recurring, to bring these plays in full in Retirement Homes.