Shows and Concerts

We present the shows created by Anna Ugolini and we cared for and interpreted both as singers and actors. An artistic product that differs from the usual originality, quality and completeness as it is a concert-show and not a mechanical assembly of music.
Our performances have found acclaim from audiences and critics in prestigious Italian theaters and opera and cultural associations in the notes, often in collaboration with municipalities and provinces and abroad in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes.
Each performance is introduced singing and connected to the other by short stage actions (sung in Italian or Florentine vernacular) and presentations engaging and fun, according to the precise theme of a script written specifically for the type of show so they do not they are never to fall 'rhythm, it' the public's attention.
The 'minimum staff for the complete realization of our show consists of Tenor, Soprano and Pianist. But we can enrich the event with the inclusion of other professionals such as: small, medium or large orchestra, a dance troupe, a choir, a baritone, a mezzo-soprano. The pianist is equipped with its own keyboard-piano.
We interpret all the characters that are part of the show with quick change of costumes, and surprise the viewer wondering.
You can take a look at some of our costumes by visiting FOTOALBUM

Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Nicola Piovani, Riz Ortolani, CA BIXIO, E. DE CURTIS and others, from the 30s until today

Excerpts from famous film THE LIFE AND 'BELLA, Amarcord, BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON, ROMEO AND JULIET, THE MISSION, THE MEN WHO Latin Rascals, The Mission, Cinema Paradiso, and others


Florentine songs of the first half of the 900 (of authors such SPADARO, FILIPINO, MORBELLI, D'INDEED, Galdieri, arias and duets by Tuscan authors (taken from Tosca by G. Puccini, Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana, P) and Operetta (L 'WATER CHETA and CASA MIA CASA MIA G.PIETRI and A. Novelli, G. GIOCONDO Zappaterra PIETRI and G. Bucciolini, THE CAT IN THE CELLAR ALLEGRA S. and N. VITAL), stage action, famous sayings, anecdotes of a new and fun and a FLORENCE TUSCANY that there are more. Characters, occupations, lifestyles and say come back to life and splendor in a real theater that celebrates the culture in Tuscany all its forms
(Operetta Gala recited and sung), sparkling and exciting show with stage actions divententi, arias and duets from the most famous operettas such CHETA WATER, THE MERRY WIDOW, THE CIN CI ', THE LAND OF THE BELLS, GOODBYE YOUTH, MY HOUSE MY HOUSE, THE DUCHESS OF Bal Tabarin and others, for the music of G. PIETRI, F. Lehar, C. Lombardo, V. Ranzato, E. KALMAN, J. STRAUSS, L. BARD, R. Stolz, R. BENATSKY
arias and duets from the opera's most famous authors such as G. PUCCINI, G. GREEN, R. LEOCAVALLO, P. Mascagni, F. CILEA, U. GIORDANO, G. PIETRI and others. If required, may be part of this program romances PFTosti, O. Respighi, R.Leoncavallo and the most famous Neapolitan songs
Songs and harmonies of prayer in the opera house and in religious ritual
Dialogue with the Divine through Spiritual, Gospel Lyric, famous Opera Arias, Sacred Arias from the Church and religious compositions of great composers such as G. Puccini, G. Verdi, G. Bizet, A. Stradella, W.A. Mozart, G. Caccini, P. Mascagni, F. Schubert, R. Ortolani, and others, introduced the staged reading of poems and prayers of considerable dramatic impact: texts of Dante, Tagore, Luzi, St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the other extraordinary messengers of love.
If requested, at the S.Natale, the program will be enriched by Christmas carols such as 'You come down from the stars', 'Silent Night', 'Adeste Fideles', and other
poems, famous aphorisms, and of course Romance more ugrave%; romantic history of music drawn from popular musicals, movie soundtracks, songs of the first half of "900, operetta celebrating the" love in its broadest sense
"Opéra operetta"
performance that compares classical music and music of escape within the same world, that of the opera, with arias and duets of both genders
the jewels of Baroque music in a beautiful casket of Ancient Airs of the seventeenth and eighteenth century
"THE MUSIC OF VATE Gabriele D'Annunzio"
A tribute to the illustrious bard Italian, for a musical celebration of the highest values of Gabriele D'Annunzio and other great Italian poets and Europeans through the execution of the most inspired songs of Francesco Paolo Tosti
recitals devoted entirely to the great composer Abruzzo
Concert-show dedicated to the great composer from Elba with excerpts from his operas and operettas
"WOMEN eternal gods!"
and mysterious journey into the feminine universe through presentations and poetry readings, songs, opera arias and operetta that praise the beauty and uniqueness of the woman. (Especially recommended for Women's Day March 8)
"Giotto's bell tower and the shadow of Vesuvius"
clash between two civilizations and cultural music in a fierce dispute singing and sparkling between Naples and Florence
The Naples opera sung and explained.
- Contemporary Music -
"It is sweet to shipwreck IN THIS SEA"

A composer and pianist said, who has to his credit the creation of CDs that bear his signature as an author and performer of contemporary music, and singer-actress from supple, powerful voice that can range from Pop to Gospel and the great opera From this meeting the project "SUDDEN CHARM".
It starts from the execution of a famous piece of music called by the light of extraordinary beauty wrecked in the infinite sea of contemporary composition. Voice and piano with their infinite possibilities representative and expressive.
Recital of music-theater in which unforgettable songs like "Dead Leaves", "Again Again" brought to the great success of Montand and Mina, "The Song of" Lost Love "by De Andrè and many other masterpieces of pop music, buy and play a musical breath of unimaginable magnitude in the exaltation of the continuing relationship between sound and word and its evocative power.

The original texts of the shows and their presentation are Anna Ugolini and are registered at SIAE
For special events we can agree to a show or request regarding the topic you have offered us.